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We Must Do Better

The Crisis

T here Is a Nursing Home Crisis Going On

In the 2019 legislative session, the Massachusetts legislature took action to increase funding for residents dependent upon Medicaid to pay for their skilled nursing facility care by $50 million.  The funding package begins to address the $362 million funding gap, but is not enough to stop additional nursing home closures and will not be enough to offer adequate wages to solve the staffing crisis that is threatening quality care and resident safety.


Concerned citizens, residents and family members have come together to form the Massachusetts Senior Coalition.  The Coalition has filed and is advocating for passage of a 2020 ballot question that would increase funding for Medicaid residents in nursing homes.  We need to act quickly to address the nursing home crisis in order to preserve this critical service for current and future generations who can no longer be cared for at home.


Massachusetts - once considered among the very best states in the nation for its quality of nursing home care services, now ranks one of the lowest.

Did You Know?

In Massachusetts:

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70% of nursing home residents are dependent upon Medicaid for their quality care each year.

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 48,000 caregivers are employed by skilled nursing facilities.

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More than 30 nursing homes have closed in the past 2 years.

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Medicaid reimbursement is among the worst in the Nation.

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Medicaid residents in nursing homes are facing a $280 million funding gap.

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Each Medicaid resident is underfunded by an average of $38.00 per day.

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How to Help

How to Help

Things you can do:

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Contact Us

About the Massachusetts Senior Coalition

We are concerned citizens, residents, family members and employees who started the Massachusetts Senior Coalition for nursing home residents who deserve the highest quality of care!


Deana Milone-Bonanno

Chair of the Massachusetts Senior Coalition


I serve as Chair of the Massachusetts Senior Coalition and as one of the original signors on the 2020 Ballot initiative to "An Act Establishing Adequate Funding for Residents of Massachusetts Nursing Homes".  


I own and operate a uniform clothing company servicing 150+ skilled nursing facilities throughout Massachusetts for over 20 years.


I walk into skilled nursing facilities on a daily basis and have seen first hand the dire impact inadequate funding has on the residents and staff.  Medicaid/MassHealth is the largest payor for skilled nursing home care, however, does not provide the funding needed to take care of these vulnerable citizens. 


This is why I, along with thousands of others have come together to form the Massachusetts Senior Coalition.

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