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Support Our Seniors

Seniors in skilled nursing facilities throughout Massachusetts need your help!

Residents dependent upon MassHealth/Medicaid in Massachusetts are underfunded by $360M per year, an average of $38.00 per day for the quality care they are entitled to. As a result, over 30 nursing homes have closed in the past 2 years. This shortage in funding was prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nursing home residents, our most frail and vulnerable relying on Medicaid in Massachusetts, need your help to have the actual cost of their care reimbursed. Please click the button below to sign the Initiative Petition for a Law Establishing Adequate Funding for Residents of Massachusetts Nursing Homes (view the petition). 


Signing the Initiative Petition indicates that you want this to be on the 2020 Presidential Ballot for the constituents of Massachusetts to vote on in November.

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